What are tokens?

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"The Typhoon"
Feb 24, 2020
Tokens is a currency which is server wide across all 1.12 mod-packs hosted on Nytro Networks.

How can I get Tokens?

You can vote for our server each day by doing /vote. Each vote will award you 1 token.

You can receive tokens from a Vote Party which happens every 25 votes.
You will be awarded between 1 to 4 tokens - You can even buy tokens from our shop if you would like to (https://shop.nytro.co/package/3721729).

How many Tokens do I have?

You can find out how many tokens you have by using the following command: /tokens

How do I use tokens?

You can spend your tokens in the shop to buy claim blocks, ingame money, crate keys, chunk-loaders or island expansions (for sky factory packs) using /token shop

You can also send tokens to your friends as a gift in case they want to buy something but are short of a few tokens using /token sendtokens <player> <amount>

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