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Sep 18, 2016
Here are some links to wiki's and guides I have found useful on Bevo. It is by no means comprehensive, please feel free to add to it.

NEVER trust the item recipe's on wiki's, always consult the NEI to avoid wasting materials.




Ender IO

Immersive Engineering

Thermal Expansion

Matter Overdrive

Will be added to as I ask questions and get answers

How do I get far away from spawn?
The BevoTech pack server (and all KK servers I believe) uses /rtp which randomly teleports you in the world. You get 3 teleports per server reset. It is not recommended to use this in the Nether, the chances of teleporting into a solid mass or into lava are much, much greater.

Yeah, that reminds me; What happens when you die?
In the Overworld, when you die you respawn at spawn, or in a claimed bed. You get to keep your inventory. However in any other world, your inventory goes into a grave. If you die in lava or some other inaccessible place, your items are lost. Also, the grave mod is buggy in other worlds and might not work. In short, if you die anywhere besides the overworld, do not count on getting your stuff back, and staff isn't going to replace it.

How do I protect my stuff?
This server uses the golden shovel method. Do /kit tools to get one. Click at one corner of your area with the shovel, then move diagonally and click at the opposite corner. Your claim is now protected.

How do I make steel?
You'll need to make a coke oven and a blast furnace. Both Railcraft and Immersive engineering have them. I personally used the IE one.

I want to fly!
Angel rings are awesome but are hard to make. The Mekanism Jetpack and equipment to charge it is fairly cheap and easy.

Where is all the Tungsten?
Dig all the way to bedrock (lvl 7) and just keep looking. It can take a while, but you'll find what you need.

How can I become an Android?
If you go through the quests in your quest book, there is a quest that gives you a Mad Scientist egg. This starts the process to become an Android.
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