The End, and The Beginning

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The Prometheus
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Aug 14, 2016

KookyKraftMC is at the end. We've been hanging on for a few months now, barely scraping by in March and now unable to continue any further. We've decided to end KKMC, and start anew. We will be relaunching ourselves as Nytro Networks, with a new look and setup we'll bring you a better network and servers to play on. Don't worry though, only a few servers at this moment will be recieving a reset. One of the major changes we are introducing is subscription based ranks. We're making this change so we know what we can do with the funds we have coming in, and not trying to guess as to what we have the money for. The new ranks will also sync across all our servers, so no more having to ask staff to transfer them. Here is a full list of the commands each rank can now do, [Link], there may be some differences, but we will try to keep it updated as much as we can. If you have bought a rank since March 1st, we'll be giving you equal value of the new ranks we have. Another big change is the playtime ranks, which we have completely removed. You can now rankup by running /syncme in-game and following the instructions it gives you. Syncing your MC account with Discord gives you the Regular rank on all servers, giving you some more perks, and helps us identify you on Discord so we can help you better in-game. Now, we'll be removing a few modpacks from our current KKMC lineup. We will be running CrundeeCraft, Sky Factory 2, Sky Factory 2.5, Age Of Engineering(may be removed), FTB Revelation, SevTech, DireWolf 1.12, TrollCraft, Augmented Triad, Our Vanilla Economy server, and Project Ozone 2 Kappa Mode. There are some other servers we may be keeping or removing, but we will be resetting some of the worlds. CC and SF2 will be the first to reset, will a few possible others to follow. For voting we will no longer have a 1.10+ and 1.7 top voter, we have combined them finally. Finally, another reason for our big name change, is that we want to expand beyond Minecraft. We've already done a few other games like ARK and GMod, but nothing too serious. We're currently experimenting with Rust and we will be launching those soon once we've worked all the kinks out of it.

I just want to say, thank you all. We would not be here today, and be able to make these changes if it weren't for the support of so many of you. I would also like to thank our staff and all our previous staff, for the amazing work they've done and hopefully will keep doing.
For the last time, thank you kookykrafters <3, and for the first time, welcome Nytrovians.
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