Denied RetroGauntlet's Punishment Appeal

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Jan 11, 2021
Minecraft Username

Full Discord ID (Name#1234) RetroGauntlet#1885

Punishment Reason
Permanent muted

Who Punished You?
Auto bot I think

Did you learn anything from this?
Lock my laptop so that my sister does not come into my room and type something, don't even know what it was

What would you do next time instead?
Lock my laptop, and maybe my door

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
Like I said, sibling came into my room while I was in the bathroom, said something that I assume was banned

Doctor Planky

Dr. Trombone Extraordinaire
Staff member
Nov 18, 2017
United States
Good morning,

I've looked over the timestamps surrounding the chat message that seems to have resulted in your mute. From what I can see within the span of 60 seconds:

You ran some server commands (/kit gshovel, then it looks like you tried to figure out how to challenge one of your friends to a Pokemon Battle). The timestamps indicate specifically that 3 seconds after you typed /fight, you typed the first three letters of a racial slur into chat (which presumably resulted in an automated mute), and you TPA'd to your friend 12 seconds later.

I'm finding it hard to believe this sequence of events:

1. You're playing on Pixelmon, and type some commands up until you need to use the restroom.

2. You leave your laptop/room go to the restroom, and are back at your laptop fifteen seconds from when you'd left.

3. In your 15 second speedrun of a restroom break, your sister enters your room, types part of a racial slur into chat, and leaves.

Discussing this with other staff, this appeal has been denied.
Not open for further replies.