Denied mangamer21's Punishment Appeal

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Oct 17, 2020
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Full Discord ID (Name#1234) 21#3705

Punishment Reason

Who Punished You?

Did you learn anything from this?

What would you do next time instead?
dont have a password my brother nows

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
i understand that he baned me bhut i said i was gonne come back because I was gone eat after we would finish spêaking he banned me while I was eating so a bit unfair anyways thank you in advance

Doctor Planky

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Nov 18, 2017
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First, I'll explain why the timing of this ban was more than "fair," even though you disappeared to eat right before giving me an answer.

When I had only asked you about a home you had set, which was named "raid," you told me you had a keyboard macro which runs that command because you use it on other servers. This might have been plausible in the absence of other evidence. When I discovered that you'd set a home called "raid2," I first got confirmation from you that "/sethome raid" was the only macro you were running.

At 11:43 AM EST, I first asked you about the home which was called "raid2," which you set right after teleporting to the victim a second time. This second teleportation is something you had confirmed to me that you did. for the next half hour or so, you never gave me a straight answer about how you accidentally typed "/sethome raid2" somehow.

I asked you for the last time half an hour later, at 12:15 PM EST. You said nothing for 3 minutes, so I teleported you to spawn to make sure you weren't AFK. You responded briefly then ran the command to go AFK.

So why was this fair?

You had half an hour - plenty of time - to explain why you had set a home called "raid2". At the time I was questioning you, Ace found FIVE additional raid homes on your charm of disclocation. I'll be bluntly honest with you here - the only reason I didn't just ban you much earlier than I did was because I wanted to know if you would come clean about this. If you managed to admit wrongdoing over the course of the hour-long "back-and-forth" in chat, I would likely have made this ban temporary rather than permanent.

Am I to believe that "your brother" is the one who set those other raid homes too? This is a case of irresponsibility at best, but your story is too farfetched for the "best" to be plausible for me. This appeal has been denied.
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