Mar 5, 2020
Hello, My name is KoltonNebula, and today I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself.

Early Life:
I was born in a small town that nobody cared for. My Mom and Dad were separated and My sister was living with my grandmother.

About the time I turned 1 I was able to walk and talk and do all the things I could do, My first word was broke, which shocked my mother at the time cause she was waiting for the mama or dada thing but that didn't hit me until much later. I skipped those words until I turned about 3 I would like to say if I can remember of the top of my head. Also at 3 years old i started doing homeschool because my mother would teach my how to count and read (which actually went really well). At 5 when i started school i was terrified, I remember my school had this system to where if you got Three Green Checkmarks you could miss school for free any day of your chosing and if you got Three Red X's you got sent home early (which is a bad punishment). Around the time i finished my first school year (pre-k) my Great Great Grandma died :(. She was 90+ years old. I mean it was sad at the time for me but now i can hardly remember her. Her daughter my Great Grandma started taking me to school my second year (K), and would pick me up and take me home. Until one day, she didn't show up. I called her over and over and she wouldn't answer. I finally got the sad news. She was sick and couldn't pick me up that day.......

My Wiki Page -
  • 'Kolton R***', better know online as '''KoltonNebula''', is an American Musician & Gamer. He was born in ******** and was raised in Missouri and Oklahoma. He is a former member of the online group '''Quantrum Gaming''' The name "KoltonNebula" originated from the group Quantrum.
  • Originally he was going to call the group Quantum, but that name was already taken. He added a R to the name and that's that. A Nebula is a Quantum Tunnel.
  • Kolton was born in ********, and lived in Missouri most of his life. He moved to Missouri when he was only 3 years old. At the age of 5 his brother **** was born and they moved back to ********.
  • Kolton joined the group '''Deeper Deception''' (Previously called DeceptionMusic) in 2013. He worked with them until early 2019 when he announced he was branching off to work on solo projects.
  • Back in 2008 Kolton broke his finger on his right hand.
  • In 2015 Kolton pulled his groin and had to have knee surgery

Me: I am a Huge gamer and have been since i was 10. Im currently employed at MundaneStudios where i develop games. I also work for Darkness Branch Records.
My two main modpacks are CrundeeCraft and SkyFactory (all of them). I am a huge fan of Pokemon and Shibas. The best products are Flex Tape & Seal. Thank you for your time.