Chaos Guardian - need some help


Sep 18, 2016
Hey all,
I am in the very early stages of the game and I got into some trouble with a Chaos Dragon and I need some help.

I was heading out to find an alternate island in the end to /sethome. I wanted to mine and use the island without impacting anyone stuff on the original spawn. Apparently there is a chaos dragon on the island, he one shotted me and I need to collect my grave. I can't make it out there to actually collect my stuff as I continue to be one shotted. Can someone kill that thing? Or despawn it, so i can collect my stuff. There is a transmute tablet and a bunch of tinkers/armor. mainly, i'd like to get the tablet back as it was a gift and far beyond achievable for me to recreate.

The chaos guardian is north of the end original spawn point at x2000, simply go north 2k blocks and you'll see him. Let me know if someone can help, i'd really appreciate it!!!!