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    Approved duplicify's Punishment Appeal

    Hi duplicify. Thank you for your appeal. After reviewing your player history it appears you were enjoying your time on the server for about 2 weeks with plenty of normal interactions with other players. After receiving your warning for the AFK bypass, you actually pulled up and appeared to read...
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    Llamaexe's Mute Report

    Player engaged in toxic chat with his friends since joining the server. Friend was muted for racism and bypassing the filter to which this player attempted to argue. --------------------- [Guest] Llamaexe: this chat filter is floccinaucinihilipilification [Guest] Llamaexe...
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    SkeptoBlade's Mute Report

    Player has engaged in very toxic chat since joining the server. --------------------- [Guest] SkeptoBlade: you degenerate idiotic human being, you are mad at a player for bypassing your terrible chat filter, grow up you imbecile [Guest] SkeptoBlade: shutuppautisticrat [Guest] SkeptoBlade: shut...
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    Approved TheKodiak27's Punishment Appeal

    I've updated your mute to 15 minutes. In the future, don't engage in these types of conversations. "i think they need aloe vera. they just got burned" is not helpful when trying to moderate these types of scenarios.
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    MmeChaos's Mute Report

    Player engaged in sexist comments by renaming item.
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    YuhBoyNukez's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) YuhBoyNukez Server(s) where incidents have occurred SF4B Ban Reason Griefing Spawn Ban Length Permanent Evidence Internal Documentation Not Available for Pubic View Other Notes Player took eggs from another player on a shared island then released them at spawn. He failed...
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    Approved SenorCasanova & BeefyPizzles's Punishment Appeal

    Hi SenorCasanova & BeefyPizzles. Thank you for your appeals and providing these details. We were able to corroborate your details with other internal details. Your bans have been lifted and records expunged. Enjoy the game!
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    Approved SenorCasanova & BeefyPizzles's Punishment Appeal

    Merged Appeals since they are both related and provide really good details. We will investigate these details further and will update you both as soon as we finish. Thanks.
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    FlazeRider, TheBeastOfSamson, & OGN_Beastz's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) FlazeRider, TheBeastOfSamson, & OGN_Beastz Server(s) where incidents have occurred TrollCraft Ban Reason Duping Ban Length Permanent Evidence Other Notes All three players were engaged in duplicating golden bags and utilizing the contents.
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    TiredV Mute Report

    Translated to warning
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    Approved SelenaGomezIsBae's Punishment Appeal

    Hi SelenaGomezIsBae/TiredV. Thank you for your appeal. I have reviewed your history on our network. It appears you were overall having a good time and being a normal player, but made a few mistakes when it came to interactions with the chat filter. I am sure you have matured over time and have...
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    Denied XheartO's Punishment Appeal

    Hi XheartO. Thank you for your appeal. A review of your history on our network shows 1 day of play time (Feb 24th, 2019) where you posted many different things, most notably the posting of the following statement 94 times: "KKK torcher N44gers KEILL ALL F04OTS F$CK U UR A PEACE OF F$KI4G SHIET"...
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    Approved KaczorBTW's Punishment Appeal

    Hi KaczorBTW. Thank you for your appeal. It looks like you were muted after spamming on SF4 the last time you played on March 7th. Almost everything you typed, you would repeat multiple times (usually 5 or more). As you noted, this is not only annoying, it diminished the game experience for...
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    Denied Christian245's Punishment Appeal

    I have revised your mute from permanent to 7 days from today.
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    Denied Christian245's Punishment Appeal

    Hi Christian245. Thanks for your second appeal. I'll cover a few points with you. -The rules apply to everyone evenly. Typing /rules (or /help > Rules) in game will provide you with the standards for our network. -The rules apply regardless of scenario or server population. -Intent and behavior...