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FTB Continuum Server

Discussion in 'News / Updates' started by Phyl_Swyft, May 17, 2018.

By Phyl_Swyft on May 17, 2018 at 2:52 AM
  1. Phyl_Swyft

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    Aug 14, 2016
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    Our FTB Continuum server is now open, use the server address continuum.nytro.co to connect.

    We have also readded claim blocks, unlimited homes, chunkloaders, and trails to our shop. Currently chunkloaders are only available for 1.7.10 servers as there are still issues with them on 1.10+ servers.


Discussion in 'News / Updates' started by Phyl_Swyft, May 17, 2018.

    1. JayfireTheCat
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    2. MichaelD
      Where can I find a list of commands for this server? I tried the /help and it said I didn't have permission to use that command. Do I need to be logged on for a certain amount of time before commands will work? I am trying to get my brother to join, is that possible to share a base with him? We had a bad experience on a 1.7 server and he is a little gun shy now.
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    3. Javatech
      There isn't much to learn from /help. The command is disabled because it showed the commands for everything in the game, even commands that you have no access to.

      So what would happen, is you would get 8 pages of //commands from worldedit before you seen commands you could use.
    4. MichaelD
      Is there any place I can get a list for some of the ones that I am allowed to use?
    5. Redistributions
      I downloaded the pack on the FTB Launcher and its basically says my mods are not compatible ?!
    6. Phyl_Swyft
      We're currently updating the server to the latest version of continuum, please to join again in a few minutes.
    7. JayfireTheCat
      Also use the Nytro Launcher (found in the #launcher-support section of the discord (discord.nytro.co)). The Nytro Launcher has every modpack that the network has, which include mods for optimization which aren’t regularly installed with the pack. Also the packs won’t show the next update until the server updates. So If you get the Nytro Launcher you won’t run into thoughs issues.