Denied xJUGHEADx's Punishment Appeal

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Oct 13, 2023
Minecraft Username

Full Discord ID (Name#1234) xjugheadx

Punishment Reason

Who Punished You?
i dont know, it didn't say on the ban popup in game

Did you learn anything from this?
yes, i learned that i shouldn't say the n-word without thinking, i did not realize that it would be against the rules, so i apologize for saying that

What would you do next time instead?
next time i shouldnt say the n-word or other racist words at all, and i should just call someone by their ign instead when asking them to do something for me, or talking to someone in general, i will also try to read through the rules more thoroughly again so i don't get banned a 2nd time

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
i genuinely wasnt trying to be racist, and said it without thinking, i also apologize for how i acted on discord when i was talking about being banned, i was just upset (i wasnt really mad, just upset that i couldn't play again), over being banned and in hindsight, i shouldn't had done that to begin with, i should've just asked where i could submit an appeal and left it at that, even if i were upset over getting banned
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Mar 12, 2020
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Hi xJUGHEADx , thank you for making an appeal.

I would like to start by saying any use of the N-Word is not tolerated, nor is arguing / not listening to staff. You and your friend didn't let it go especially your friend in my DMs, I wasn't there to deal with you and your friend via Discord, Trizmo & Phyl did, we're not going to be accepting this appeal.

"Damn imagine being so soft you ban someone because you can’t handle the pressure that comes with being a staff member. Seems to me you have a fragile ego bro."
" It’s free to be here but banning people without reason or purely because you get upset shouldn’t be allowed, as a staff member you should be held to higher standards and understand that people are gonna say shit you don’t like "
"im the one that got banned but ain even say nun r@c1st "

You claimed you didn't say anything racist, so lying doesn't help. I'm aware you said you shouldn't of said the N-Word through your appeal above ^, but on discord before appealing also isn't a smart move.
We're aware of how to deal with players using the N-Word and to prevent it from happening we perm ban, or perm mute, I don't understand how we have fragile ego and "banning without a reason" when we're only doing our jobs, so I will be denying this appeal.

I will not be unbanning you from Nytro Networks.
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