Please HELP!!!


Sep 24, 2023
hi i've been playing on the server for almost 3weeks now, but one day after i go mining the Unobtainium in the End, it get kinda laggy and I tp back home, and after that i got crash out of server and these issues happened right after that mining:
1. Whenever i logged in the sv successfully it will be green everywhere like the first pic and later got disconnect and times out notice, and i check back on the server my name is still inside! And i cant try log back in (it keep saying times out)
2. If i cant loggin the world and got times out right away, the av still have my name in it.
The only thing that i can do is close my minecraft and turn it on again (so that my name doesnt show online on sv) and only then i can try to log in again.
But since this happen i cant logging or playing on the aerver anymore.

Please can somebody tell me what happen to me? Is it my pc problem or its the game?
Very much thank you!

5A60AD46-879D-49F2-8A06-2EF75E085785.jpeg 1E65B45E-08A5-48F6-AE88-74BA65552BA7.jpeg