Nytro Networks Rules

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Aug 10, 2016
  • No Swearing under any circumstances.
  • Do not harass, bully, troll, or attempt to scam players.
  • Do not pressure or force items onto others.
  • Do not use excessive caps (YELLING).
  • Do not advertise Nytro on other games/networks.
  • Do not bypass chat filter.
  • Be nice to all players.
  • Do not talk about illegal, illicit, or adult topics in public chat.
  • No racism, sexism, politics or religion in public chat.
  • Do not post any malicious links in chat. You know what is bad and what is not. If you are unsure, ask a staff member.
  • English only in public chat. Please use private messages for other languages.
  • Do not spam.
  • Advertising is not allowed and will lead to permbam.
  • If your username is provocative or inappropriate you will be muted until it is changed.
  • Destruction of another player's property is grief. You will be permbanned if you grief. There are pregenned structures in some of our packs, these MAY belong to players so always make sure to check the entire structure by right clicking all over it with a stick to see if it is claimed. If something belongs to another player, you should not grief/loot it whether it is claimed or not.
  • Do not steal from anyone.
  • Griefing spawn or server buildings will lead to global permban.
Play Rules
  • Do not use hacks, cheats, or exploits.
  • You may use mods like Schematica, Optifine, Normal Texture packs, Smooth Fonts etc.
  • No builds featuring illegal, illicit, hate, or adult material.
  • No signs or builds that include any of the aforementioned chat restrictions.
  • No PvP - This includes but is not limited to traps, holes, taglocks etc unless given explicit permission from the other party.
  • No bypassing AFK kick.
  • Do not drop non-requested items on or near a player.
  • Do not mine the main end island.

Player Behavior
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Rudeness to other players will not be tolerated.
  • Respect all staff members, no matter what rank they are.
  • Remain friendly to all users.
  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Do not taglock other players without their consent.
  • PvP is disabled. Do not kill other players using traps, explosions, etc. This counts as harassment and will get you banned.
Live Streaming
  • You may post your stream link once per day so long as you include “Nytro Networks” or “Nytro” in the title or description.
Rank Rules
  • Do not share rank benefits - This includes enchanting or repairing items for other players.
  • Do not sell, trade, or give away items that have been enchanted via donor benefits.
  • Do not open lucky blocks near spawn. If you do, clean it up or you will be punished.
  • Do not Sell or Give out End Game Items.
  • Do not leave giant holes or 1x1 holes around the world.
  • Do not make player traps to kill players.
  • Avoid leaving lots of items on the ground. (ClearLag will eat them.)
  • Please remember that this is a multiplayer server, not your own singleplayer world. There are other people on the server who would like to enjoy it.
  • If your creation is causing server lag, we will remove it.
  • If you lose an item, it's gone. We do not refund items lost because of bugs, glitches, crashes, ClearLag, restarts, death, or any other stupid reason. We will refund donor items(Quarries, chunkloaders, etc), if they are lost due to a reasonable circumstance. If you have lost a donor item please make a thread in the donation problems forum section.
  • You will not get anything you lose due to a username change.
  • Do not abuse dupes or exploits, this wll get you banned and ruins the game for you and others.
  • Staff do not give you items. They are there to help you, but not play the modpack for you. If you need an item, check the /market. If it's not on /market, obtain it by making it, staff will not give it to you. We encourage players to not give away items as it encourages players to ask staff and other players for items. This can become an annoyance to everyone.
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