Denied Nekeym's Punishment Appeal

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May 21, 2024
Minecraft Username

Full Discord ID (Name#1234) itsnekeym

Punishment Reason
griefing and stealing / threats

Who Punished You?

Did you learn anything from this?
I know this is probably going to be instant declined but I am going to do it anyways because I have hope that maybe one day it will happen. So please just take some time and read it.

Alright so let me explain what happened almost five years ago. I had been playing Nytro before it was even called Nytro. I forget what the previous name was. I was mainly on the Crundeecraft and Trollcraft servers and applied to be a staff member. As a staff member I moved through the ranks quickly and even started training people, at the request of admins. Honestly this was fun but i preferred being a player more. I met these two really cool people. Ace who is now a senior admin and I really do apologize to the other person but I forgot there name.

Ace was one of the staff members I trained. We played together for about four months and decided to move into a big mansion that I built. I told Ace to claim it so we could live there as I could not afford to claim it. He did and we moved our stuff from our previous base to the new one. Well after about a month ace decided he didnt want me living there anymore so he took my stuff and set it aside for me in a claimed area I had access to and he told me in private that he was removing me and that I could build a base nearby and we could still talk.

However, being young and immature at the time, I got mad. Looking back on it I was dumb and can admit that. So I decided to talk bad about him behind his back. Someone I cared about just to try and get my way. Thats called being a child. I went to the other friend and said that I was going to talk to a senior staff member about it but then I started making false claims. Claims that were 100% FALSE. Claims that should have never been made. That was my biggest mistake. Thinking I had power I did not. But as a hormonal teen, I had mood swings.

At the time of this all happening I was diagnosed with Autism, and Bipolar disorder among other things. It actually explained alot. It helped me realize that I needed help.

I started therapy four months after I was banned and have recently gotten out of therapy and am turning 20 this year and now planning for college. I am going to be a FILM MAJOR… something I am passionate about. Always have been. Film has helped me through many dark times and my hopes with film is to make people happy.

But back on topic, I realized after I started therapy that I had hurt people. Betrayed trust. Even broke the rules so I deserved to be punished. I accepted the punishment as stated in previous ban appeals. It is what I needed to realize my faults, flaws if you will.

I learned that sometimes things happen that we will not like. We have to accept it and move on as thats just life.

Sometimes you need to just be the bigger person and walk away. Something I should have done all those years ago. If I had done that, who knows. Maybe me and Ace could have still been buds.

I still think about that and think about everything. I dont expect this to be accepted as the others have been declined. I am just asking for you to give me a chance to show you I am a different person. I am truthfully changed and want to prove it.

What would you do next time instead?
As stated above, I dont think there would be a next time as I have gotten the help I needed. I have learned to be the bigger man and just walk away.

The world doesnt revolve around one person, We are all living on it.

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
Kingslayer67’s action were not by me. He acted on his own accord and I really wish he would not have done that.

QuantumNoah is not my alt but is infact my brother, thats why he had the same IP.
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