Denied Nebulusi's Punishment Appeal

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Jul 29, 2022
Minecraft Username

Full Discord ID (Name#1234) Nebula#2116

Punishment Reason
griefing and stealing / Staff Disrespect

Who Punished You?

Did you learn anything from this?
After over two years being banned (almost three now) I realized that this was the best thing to happen to me at the time.

2 years ago I was not a good person. I was in bad place. I hated who I was and took it out on other people. I threatened someone who I felt was going to be a good friend. Who knows, If i didnt do that we would probably still be friends today.

This ban helped me learn who I was really was and what I needed to change about myself. One week after I was banned I went to a mental health hospital to get therapy over my bipolar disorder and they have been helping me ever since.

I am even enrolled in college now can you believe it! I am going for Film Production and Art and Design. Honestly if It was not for this ban I would not have learned who I was truely on the inside so thank you for helping me.

Now as to what fully happened, my friend at the time @Ace and I built a mansion together and he decided he didnt want me living there anymore and kicked me out. I threatened him claiming that because I built it I could live there. He told me since it was his claim and he didnt want me there I didnt get to be there, which was the truth. His claim he could do whatever he wanted. He even was nice enough to give me my items so I would still have them. I just got so mad and threatened him and told him I was going to get him kicked off the staff team (which I had no power to do as we were both the same level.) What made it worse was I did this as a staff member which was a bad impression on the community of the network. I was revoked staff permissions at first but I kept going. The time eventually came where it was too much of a bad image for the network and I was banned.

I then went on a rant in the discord about a false ban (even though it wasnt) and that was also a bad image. I was trying to pain my self as the victim of false ban but I was really the abuser who did everything. Once I realized a few months later that it was actually my fault I tried reaching out to Ace personally to apologize just to let him know I was sorry. I eventually got ahold of him and we talked in dms on here for about an hour and just talked about how sorry I was for everything.

He is now a Senior Admin and the Staff Manager so he did the right things when I did the wrong things. I really know he is still going to do great things for this server network as he always have. I know that things didnt end well between me and him but I really just hope he can know that I really am sorry and after two years (almost three) I am not that person anymore.

I got the help I needed and feel the best I have ever felt. I even am in a healthy relationship now with a girl I really like. This ban honestly turned my life around! I know that sounds weird but its the truth., Who knows where I would be today if it wasnt for Ace and Phyl!

What would you do next time instead?
Do I regret it to this day? Yes I do and I realize now that what I did was abusive and verbal assault in a way.

What would I do next time? I would not threaten someone whether I know I am wrong or right. You never threaten someone as thats a bad thing. If you have a complaint with someone there is literally a place to put it. I was dumb and thought I could get my way but quickly realized it was the wrong thing to do.

I would make sure that I get all the details before assuming things and make sure to be nice and respect all palyers and staff and give a good image to everyone around me!

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
Ace I am truely sorry about everything!
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