Mod Tutorial: Thaumcraft 4

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Aug 30, 2019
To begin Thaumcraft, craft 2 iron ingots into 18 iron nuggets, then use 10 of those nuggets to craft 2 iron caps, using a helmet shape in the crafting table. Place the caps in opposite corners of the crafting grid, with a stick in the middle. This gives you your first wand, an Iron Capped Wooden Wand. Then, right-click on a Bookshelf placed as a block to transform it into a Thamonomicon. This is both the in-game guide and one of the central items in the mod, as it gives you Research Notes, without which you cannot even see the recipe for most of the items.

After you do that, craft Scribing Tools with a bottle, a feather, and an ink sac (although any black dye works), shapelessly in a crafting table.

Then craft 3 tables with a total of 9 wooden slabs and 6 planks, like so:
Place two of these tables down directly beside each other and right-click them with your new Scribing Tools. This will transform them into a Research Table, which is how you learn to make Thaumcraft items and multiblocks, using Research Aspects (more below). Then, a little ways away, place the third table and right-click it with your wand. This will transform it into the Arcane Worktable, the simplest of the three crafting systems in Thaumcraft.

You then want to go mining, and find some Infused Stone, mining it to get elemental Shards. Of course, you might have some already. Either way, you'll want to then craft 2 of those shards with glass and 2 gold ingots, like so:
I used Earth Shards here, but you can use Air Shards, Fire Shards, Water Shards, Order Shards or Entropy Shards as well. You then need to walk around holding the Thaumometer looking for nodes, holding right-click on every block and item you see on the way. Don't worry if it says "You need to research <aspect>". In time, you'll get all of them just by scanning. If you don't hold the Thaumometer, nodes are almost entirely invisible. Holding it, they're quite obvious, as they're glowing balls that can be seen through blocks. Once you find a node, scan it to learn it's aspects. Unlike blocks and items, nodes can have any combination of aspects instead of some specific set ones. Also unlike blocks and items, the aspects in nodes are used for more then research in the Research Table and alchemy. If you hold your wand and hold right-click on a node, you'll see a stream of particles going from the nearly-invisible node to the tip of your wand. This is Vis, one of the central things you'll need in Thaumcraft and one of the two ways to use aspects. Make sure to periodically stop and check the node with your Thaumometer, as if you drain even one of the aspects, you could end up permanently damaging the node, preventing it from recharging that aspect to how it was when you found it or even dimming the entire node, slowing down or stopping aspect recharging entirely.
(A node):
Next, go back home and make a cauldron. Just a normal, vanilla cauldron. Dig a 2-block hole in the ground, place netherrack down at the bottom, and light it on fire. Then place the cauldron above that. Right click it with your wand, and it transforms into a Crucible. This is the beginning of the second crafting system, alchemy.

Now that you've got all the basic blocks and items, it's time for some research. Take your Scribing Tools out of your Research Table, or make another set, and get at least one piece of paper. Go into your Thaumonomicon and click the second of the tabs on the left, which is called "Thaumaturgy". Then click either "Gold Wand Caps" or "Greatwood Wand Core", either one is fine; you'll need them both. Take the Research Notes and put it in your Research Table. Now, research itself is a bit complicated. Each aspect can only connect to components of itself or aspects that it is a component of. So Victus can connect to Terra and Aqua because they're the components of Victus, and to Bestia, Fames, Herba, Limus, Mortuus, Sano and Spiritus because it (Victus) is a component of them. Below is a picture of how I completed the Greatwood Wand Core research, and before I started it. Keep in mind that when you get a research note, it may have holes in the grid, placed at random, with a higher chance the bigger the note is. Because of this, each note can be slightly different, and some may even be impossible to complete, requiring you to remove the note and make a new one.
Before completion:
After completion:
After you've done those, you'll want to find a Greatwood Tree to make your next wand core. They look like this:
You should mine out the entire thing if you can. Don't worry, they're pretty common, and not only will you need lots of Greatwood in Thaumcraft, their logs and planks are great for decoration.
Then go back to your Arcane Workbench. Put your wand into it, and place 2 Greatwood Logs in it, like so:
It will take 3.3 Perdito Vis from your wand, and along with the Greatwood Logs, use it to craft a Greatwood Rod. Take this Greatwood Rod and just save it. You'll use it in a couple of minutes.
Take 2 gold ingots, or 10 gold nuggets, and make Gold Caps out of them, same as you did with the Iron Caps, but in the Arcane Workbench. Then take your Greatwood Rod and your 2 Gold Caps and make Gold Banded Greatwood Wand, like so:
Charge it the same way you did your first wand. If you have the "Node Preserver" research by now, you will not drain the node to 0 of any of its aspects, even if one of them is at 1, you can keep going as long as your wand as room for other aspects the node has.

After all that, it's time for alchemy. Scan a metal ingot, like gold or iron, by throwing it on the ground and scanning the dropped item. This will unlock the "Magical Metallurgy" research, in the "Alchemy" tab below "Thaumaturgy". Research it.
After you have done that, throw 4 Chiseled Sandstone, or anything else with the Praecantatio aspect (I use Blaze Rods myself, at 2 Praecantatio and 4 Ignis), into the Crucible. The goal is to get the amout of Praecantatio in the Crucible up to 4. Check how much is in it by holding your Thaumometer and looking at the Crucible. After you have 4 Praecantatio, throw in a Iron Ingot. It should spit out a Thaumium Ingot, the primary metal used by Thaumcraft, and quite a good material, with enchantiblity near the level of gold, durability and protection near that of diamond, and with the sword doing as much damage as iron, but with more durability. The mining speed of the tools is higher then iron but lower then diamond, as is the mining level of the pickaxe.

Next, you should make a pair of Goggles of Revealing. You need to research it first, of course, so do so. It's in the "Artifice" tab, below "Alchemy.
Then make 2 more Thaumometers (you still need one, as the Goggles can't scan anything), get 2 gold, and 4 leather. Then put them in a Arcane Workbench and

make a pair of Goggles of Revealing, like so:

Putting these on will not only give you a 5% vis discount, but will also act as though you are holding a Thaumometer at all times (without the overlay), allowing you to see nodes, their aspects and type, see aspects in crucibles and other things, such as Mana Beans you encounter in a Magical Forest. It will not allow you to see the aspects in nodes you have not scanned, however.

That's all for this tutorial, but if you have specific questions ,or questions about more advanced stuff, ask me on Discord (Egassy#9351).

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