Denied MinecraftB99909's Punishment Appeal

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Jan 5, 2022
Minecraft Username

Full Discord ID (Name#1234) Pixle Kai#8174

Punishment Reason
In got muted on discord and someone told me that i was giving out false info and i didnt mean to so i got muted

Who Punished You?

Did you learn anything from this?
Yes. Unless i know completely do not answer questions or do not answer questions at all

What would you do next time instead?
Dont answer questions I am not supposed to answer

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
I was just trying to help


Staff member
Senior Admin
Staff Manager
Mar 12, 2020
United Kingdom
Hello MinecraftB99909, thank you for making an appeal.

I would like to say that you got muted because the Owner and myself weren't happy with how you were responding to players' support and also you're not staff so support is for staff purposes, you can help yeah, but when you're answering peoples questions wrongly and not being helpful at all is not necessary. Also answering support questions is classified as `Mini Modding`. So that's another reason for your mute.
In suggestions, you're either suggesting 1.16 - 1.18 modpacks even though we're nowhere near hosting 1.18 modpacks and for 1.16 as you've seen and been told several times about why we can't host it yet but suggesting modpacks way before us hosting isn't needed, we'll start making a list of modpacks for 1.16 and go from there.

I want to also note that you have DM'd multiple Senior Staff members after I told you you're not getting unmuted, I can ban you from discord for DM Spam.
You asked me about DMing the Owner and you wanted to argue your mute to him when that's not the best idea.

I won't be lifting your mute, maybe in the future or in a later appeal, I'll consider lifting your mute.
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