How to use GriefPrevention [Updated]

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Mar 5, 2020
Hello, this is a guide on how to use the GriefPrevention claims. GriefPrevention does what it says as it prevents players from accessing your stuff. You can allow people to access your stuff with simple commands that can be used anywhere.

If you want to claim the land around you you will need claim blocks. You can check your claim blocks by doing /claimslist {1.7.10 Only) or by holding out the GriefPrevention shovel. To get a Griefprevention shovel do [/kit gshovel]. The shovel will appear in your Inventory and when you pull it out will tell you the blocks in chat.

To start claiming you will need to pull out the shovel and right-click on a block, you will then go to the opposite corner of the area you want to claim. The area must be at least 10x10. If you don't have enough blocks to claim the whole area you will get told so in chat. If you do it will say successfully claimed and you will see Gold blocks appear in the claim corners. If you don't see anything you did something wrong.

Now that you have claimed your area lets move on to....

Once you have created a claim, only you will have access to it unless you add people to your claim. This is called trusting. Trusting is very simple to do but there are some specific guidelines you have to follow.

  • Standing inside a claim will only give the person you trust access to that one claim, However, if you stand outside your claims you will trust them to all your claims
  • You must be online to trust someone. Using an app that allows you to talk in server chats will not work.
  • Claims must be at least 25 blocks away from another person's claim.

Now you might wonder what the commands are.........

Here is a list of all the commands you can do, and what they do.

  • /trust (username) [Gives a player Full Access to your claim(s)]
  • /EntryTrust (username) [Gives a player permission to enter your claim(s)] |1.7.10 Only|
  • /ContatinerTrust (Username) [Gives a player access to containers such as chests in your claim(s)] |1.7.10 Only|
  • /PermissionTrust (Username) [Makes the player a Co-Owner of your claim(s) allowing them to add other people and manage their trust level]
  • /AutoTrust [Gives any Block or Player that places a block inside your claim, within 30 seconds Full Trust to your claim] |1.7.10 Only|
  • /AbandonClaim [Deletes the claim you are standing inside]
  • /AbandonAllClaims [Deletes all the claims you have]
  • /ClaimExplosions [Toggles Explosions on and off inside your claim(s)]
  • /untrust (username) [Removes a players access to your clam]
  • /subdivideclaims (While Holding the shovel) [Allows you to divide your claim into multiple claims]
  • /Untrust all [Removes everyone from your claim(s)]

Now lets talk about

Subdivisions are parts of your claim you have divided to be separate from the rest of the claim. These subdivisions act as a completely separate claim from the claim it is inside. If you trust someone inside a subdivision they will not have access to anything but the area of the subdivision

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