Hi I'm Kornet!


Jun 5, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm Kornet and I've been playing on Nytro servers since March of last year I've mainly played on SF4-A with my friend NSpeed we moved to SF4-P on release day and played it up until the beginning of the month we most recently moved to Stoneblock 2 a couple of days ago and loving every minute of it. NSpeed and I pride ourselves on having beautiful looking bases so feel free to check them out on SF4-A and SF4-P just type /is tp Nspeed_ in chat on either of our servers to check them out ( Just as a warning we didn't finish either of those islands so they aren't 100% perfect just yet) We also are currently working on a big project in Stoneblock 2 so I'll keep y'all posted when that's done.

Here's a little info about me:
My names Beckham and I'm 16 turning 17 in April I love playing videogames and being outside. I especially love Mountain Biking, I love it so much I race Cross Country MTB for my states league so I compete on a state-wide level with hundreds of other students. I also love Electrical engineering and robotics I currently go to a school that specializes in both of the subjects and I plan on majoring in Electrical Engineering in college.

That's about it I can't wait to meet more of you and hopefully build better relationships with the people of Nytro!