Benny148's Ban Report


GrandpaGlac In The Potato Sack
Staff member
Senior Admin
Jan 10, 2020
Texas, USA
Name of Offender(s)

Server(s) where incidents have occurred

Ban Reason
Continuing to bypass AFK kick

Ban Length
1 day

Player created a clear glass box with a door and placed himself inside. His character was looking straight up into the clouds. Every ~45 seconds he would spin 1/4 turn. I moved the player outside the box where players head reset to a downward position. Every ~45 seconds the player would move 1/4 turn and look up slightly. This continued until he was looking straight up into the air again. I moved the player to spawn and confirmed the same behavior. Provided a kick with a message to not bypass AFK kick. After the server restart, the player logs back in, teleports back to his island and puts himself back into the glass box. Upon checking the player, he was again running the same macro to spin 1/4 turn and look up showing no regard to the kick message he had just received 37 minutes prior. Issued 1 day ban for continued AFK kick bypass.

Other Notes