Another Modpack that I haven't seen anyone else suggest within the last year


Jan 28, 2021
Hear me out, Sevtech Ages of the Sky, its a fun modpack and maybe it could be one claimable island per player of the many generated with each world and have the islands a little bit more spaced apart than normal, or maybe have each player get 5 or 6 islands and be able to expand with tokens. Just a thought, its even a 1.12.2 modpack and maybe don't remove the creative age from progression, being able to put more than 10 total modifiers on a tconstruct tool or weapon sounds really good, and it removes a bit of an incentive to progress to the end. Edit, I just realized there is a normal sevtech ages server, but I am specifically suggesting Sevtech: Ages of the Sky. also, feel free to leave further suggestions to this in the replies
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