1. Phyl_Swyft

    MC Eternal Second Server

    Nytro Networks has now opened a second MC.Eternal server! Join using 1.3.5b from the twitch launcher!
  2. Phyl_Swyft

    Roguelike adventures and dungeons server

    The Nytro Networks Roguelike adventures and dungeons server is now open! Join verison 1.36 from the twitch launcher! It will be available on our launcher soon!
  3. Phyl_Swyft

    Minecraft Trillionaire Server

    The Nytro Networks Minecraft Trillionaire server is now open! You can join using or!
  4. Phyl_Swyft

    MC Eternal Server

    The Nytro Networks MC Eternal minecraft modpack server is now open! Use to connect. The pack is avaliable from the Nytro and the Twitch launcher.
  5. S

    Is the "A Bit of Everything" server down?

    My friends and I recently started playing on the "A Bit of Everything" server at, but now when I log in I am sent to the hub. When I try to connect to the appropriate server I receive the error message "Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later"...
  6. Phyl_Swyft

    RLCraft Server

    Our RLCraft server is now open! The pack is available on our launcher and Twitch. Use `` to connect.
  7. Phyl_Swyft

    FTB Builder's Paradise Server

    Our FTB Builder's Paradise server is now out! Join today using the address!
  8. Phyl_Swyft

    Project Ozone 3 Server

    Our project ozone 3 server is now live. Server address:
  9. M

    Can't Go on the Server

    For the past 4 hours, I've been attempting to join the server. I see that over 150 people are on the server but I can't even join the lobby. This has also been happening to my friends! It's so annoying because we just wanna make progress! (Crundee Craft Server 1)
  10. KookyKraftMC

    KookyKraftMC Project Ozone 2 Servers

    KookyKraftMC Project Ozone 2! ModPack: Project Ozone 2: Reloaded Server Addresses: - Normal mode: - Titan mode: Launcher: Curse Banned Items: ModPack Link: [link]