1. T

    Please help

    My minecraft crashed eyerytime when i try to join the server but only these server :teary:
  2. A

    I'm getting kicked for flying

    I'm getting kicked all the time, cant even log in. I'm up in the sky somehow and i cant teleport.
  3. Alexischalut97

    Block Claiming...

    Hello guy's and girl's... I've got a problem here and I wonder if you are able to correct my problem or not... I've team-up with some people on the server ( @RuminingMiner, @MeikaiKami, @Bestbob and one more people that i forgot his name [God forgive me please]) and my dear friend bestbob is...
  4. Ozelotte

    Pams problems

    Pams has issues taht sometimes the market eats your emerald and not give you the stuff you want... and then when I tried to plant the sun flowers I had obtained from Zunhed, I couldnt plant them? Im still looking for coconuts...
  5. Ozelotte

    Evilcraft problems

    The blood infuser is weird - if you click the arrow in the machine to see recipes you get a picture showing a blood infuser with a different gui and more slots - so you cant craft the stuff you need because of lacking slots... and the recipe is: