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    Approved Nindorito's Punishment Appeal

    Hi Nindorito. Thank you for your appeal. I've reviewed your player history and chat logs in detail. As you stated, there is no room for any racial slurs on our server, much less in the real word. It appears you simply wanted to type this foul language, letter by letter in chat, as there is no...
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    Dragon_Ender32's Punishment Appeal

    I'm not seeing where you were ever banned. The only action in your history was were we removed the @admin ping you sent. What happens when you try to join the discord server? Post a screenshot.
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    Denied Nindorito's Punishment Appeal

    Whether other people do something or not or get punished or not is irrelevant. Feel free to submit another appeal in the future with some tangible reason as to why your punishment should be lifted.
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    Denied DisabledDog's Punishment Appeal

    Hi DisabledDog. Thank you for your appeal. After reviewing your history it is apparent that you were highly toxic to other players very consistently. We will not be removing your mute at this time.
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    Denied Zombies4287's Punishment Appeal

    Your ban is only 5 days. You can wait out your ban.
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    Approved killerfish9999's Punishment Appeal

    Message an Admin when you are in a voice channel and they will unmute you.
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    New Pixelmon Modpack?

    We host popular mod packs, but we don’t create them.
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    GaMeR_GhOsT06 Mute Report

    Player engaged in discussion that was not ideal for the community, and continued the topics even after others voiced concern. 5/21/20 11:22 PM EDT 1 Day
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    YungGoOB Mute Report

    Player used racial slur. 5/21/20 6:46 PM EDT
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    Eugene_Krabs Mute Report

    Player mute expired and immediately started to troll and discuss inappropriate topics. 5 Day Mute
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    Bry20, asiannotch_, &AlbanianPr1de mute Report

    Players engaged in testing the chat filter using racial slurs
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    Eugene_Krabs Mute Report

    Player engaged in highly inappropriate chat 5/17/20 5:19 AM EDT 1 Day Mute
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    Approved bobertskywalker's Punishment Appeal

    Appeal Approved. Any future instances may be truly permanent.
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    Approved Xx_BUCKY_xX's Punishment Appeal

    Hi Xx_BUCKY_xX, First, thank you for providing those details. You can remove the video from the upload site at your leisure as I have downloaded a copy. Second, I am having trouble understanding why you would do this, knowing this item (and many others) are banned for various reason including...
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    Xx_BUCKY_xX's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Xx_BUCKY_xX Server(s) where incidents have occurred TC Ban Reason Exploit Ban Length Permanent Evidence Other Notes Please was observed offering Watch of Flowing Time benefits to another player. The other player denied the help advising that this is a...
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    Approved hunter13123's Punishment Appeal

    Appeal Approved. Any future instances may be truly permanent.
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    Approved Dankious's Punishment Appeal

    Appeal Approved. Any future instances may be truly permanent.
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    Denied DarthGryffin's Punishment Appeal

    Also, this is not the way to appeal on our Network. All players WILL follow the rules or receive the appropriate actions. The assistant who issued this ban followed all of the protocols and the Admins who are now involved in your appeal request most certainly know how to run a server. We focus...
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    Approved landonoid's Punishment Appeal

    Hi landonoid. Thank you for submitting your appeal. After a full review of your history, it is clear that you were not only bypassing our chat filter system, but you were doing so in order to harass another player. This is unacceptable behavior by any stretch of the imagination. Our network is...