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  1. BeefcakeRogie

    Ace, I think something in my base is corrupt after the last server crash...I can't log back on...

    Ace, I think something in my base is corrupt after the last server crash...I can't log back on. Is there anyway you can check out my base to see if all is well in the mob spawn area, and other areas?
  2. BeefcakeRogie

    Thaumcraft Ores not available in CC?

    I had the same problem, but the ores are there. Just vacant in some areas. I bet Kolton's right - check near spawn
  3. BeefcakeRogie

    Need help in CC server - keep losing proxy

    the server crashed, and I can't get back in...I think it might have something to do with a spawner I was farming at my base in the big dirt area. Can someone look at this and see if it is causing a problem? Thanks, Beefcake!
  4. BeefcakeRogie

    Galacticraft Help in CC

    Thanks egassy. I followed the wiki and it didn't specify tier2. The tier 2 heavy duty plates did the trick. I ended up making a tier 3 rocket and tried to go to the asteroid, but it looks like the dimension is restricted. I was returned to the overworld without my rocket :(
  5. BeefcakeRogie

    Galacticraft Help in CC

    Hi, I got all the ingredients together to make a tier 2 rocket. I unlocked the rocket with the schematic in the workbench. I try to insert the heavy duty plates in the tier 2 pattern, but it does not take the plates. all the other pieces fit in the pattern (boosters, engine, nose cone...
  6. BeefcakeRogie


    Welcome, newbie ;)
  7. BeefcakeRogie

    CrundeeCraft Server Down?

    Looks like its back up now!
  8. BeefcakeRogie

    CrundeeCraft Server Down?

    I have been trying to get on the server for a while this evening, and I keep getting redirected into the lobby server. Is CrundeeCraft down right now?
  9. BeefcakeRogie

    Oh hey

    Hi! Hope to see you in CrundeeCraft maybe!
  10. BeefcakeRogie

    Hello, I'm GarrettRAF

    Where can I check out these juicy buildings?
  11. BeefcakeRogie

    Approved Ban Appeal

    Hi, I created the ticket when I logged in after a month and found my base got recked by someone (or something?). I team with Superdragon and I know that Superdragondidn't trash the base. It was the strangest griefing that I ever saw. The whole top of my base is missing. You can tell where...
  12. BeefcakeRogie

    Reactor casings vanishing blocks

    whaaaaaaat? that is so strange. Are you sure it wasn't meow, hiss, or purr?
  13. BeefcakeRogie

    Tropicraft Music Discs

    Has anyone ever found the tropicraft music discs on these servers? I've been looking for a long time, but have never encountered them. I suspect they are possible in spawner chests, witch circle dispensers, etc. I have been able to find the nanotyrano ones, but never the tropicraft ones...
  14. BeefcakeRogie

    Where's Java?

    Hey Java, did you take the kitty? It up and disappeared. Lot's of stuff has been doing that lately, but the kitty getting nabbed seems personal. Ouch!
  15. BeefcakeRogie

    jeffrey baker griefed on crundeecraft 1

    live and learn, I guess.... everyone likes to do the resurrection ritual, but nobody leaves stuff there. What machines are you leaving in the end? Sounds wild!!!!
  16. BeefcakeRogie

    jeffrey baker griefed on crundeecraft 1

    maybe the ender dragon did it O.o
  17. BeefcakeRogie

    Can you use bibliocraft to copy modded minecraft enchants

    yes it can! You should read about how to use the bibliocraft typesetter and how to find out the copying requirements.
  18. BeefcakeRogie

    BeefcakeRogie griefed on CC2

    Hey, TheOnlyOneLeft In the ticket regarding this subject post, you state that you checked into this matter and found nothing out of the ordinary. Does that mean that disappearing ME Systems is ordinary? What gives, man? Give me some details please. How did the ME system vanish? Thank you...