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    AdolfFugler Mute Report

    Updated punishment after review based on staff guidelines.
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    AdolfFugler Mute Report

    Reason: Sexism Length: Permanent Mute (Updated from 1 hour) IGN: AdolfFugler Evidence:
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    PCPBoxing, 7hat0neDude's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) PCPBoxing, 7hat0neDude Server(s) where incidents have occurred SkyFactory 4 Ban Reason Ban evasion Ban Length Permanent Evidence Same IP address on PCPBoxing after 7hat0neDude was banned for inappropriate build Other Notes Further investigation after...
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    Approved PCPBoxing's Punishment Appeal

    Hello, I'm Javacat1. After further investigation we've decided to reduce your ban as well as 7hat0neDude's back to a temporary ban to complete the duration of the original inappropriate build ban, as we have no way to truly verify that both accounts are different people because of the evidence...
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    Crundee Craft - can't find infused ores

    Hello I haven't been able to find ANY infused ores for thaumcraft 4 in crundee craft. any idea why/where should I be looking?