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    Zombies4287 Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Zombies4287 Server(s) where incidents have occurred Eternal 1 Ban Reason Griefing End Build and being Disrespectful to Staff Ban Length 5 Days Evidence Stole Applied Energystics items from End Farm belonging too Zz2tai and Geordi. Disrespected myself in chat. Stole...
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    Hallo There :D

    Hello Kat and Marco, i'm Chrome. I have 3 pet puppers, two cocker spaniels and a collie. o/
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    Capt'n Crunch Mute

    Name: Capt'n Crunch#8291 Reason: Using hateful/racist language offending others within the discord voice channel. Verbal warning was given 5 minutes previous to the incident. Length: Perm Evidence: Evidence is provided at reason.