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    So i found a weird thing in trollcraft...

    The "blocks" dont show in what am i looking at. and i can walk through them..
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    Can't log into Trollcraft server

    As the title says..i cant log into trollcraft. when i try it says "$AnnotedConnectException" HALP PLS
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    Approved Echodawn's Punishment Appeal

    OMG Thank you so much! I will follow the rules more closely from now on.
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    Approved Echodawn's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username Echodawn Ban Reason "Veinminning in the end Who Banned You? marco2912 Did you learn anything from this? I need to listen to the clearly stated rules from now on if allowed back. What would you do next time instead? I will not use my tinkers construct hammer in...
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    timed out

    i cant log on to the server anymore. it keeps timing out :(
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    Claims (trollcraft)

    I suggest that if someone doesnt log on fo like maybe a month or two, that their claim gets removed.