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    Mod Tutorial: Setting up a Draconic Reactor

    Draconic Reactors product incredible amounts of power for very little cost when set up correctly, but if set up incorrectly, they explode, destroying themselves and the land around them. This is a guide on how to set them up correctly. This guide assumes you are capable of making the components...
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    UnknownCrafters's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) UnknownCrafters Server(s) where incidents have occurred Stoneblock 2 Ban Reason Stealing and Griefing Ban Length 2 days Evidence Other Notes Was caught red-handed by another player, who recorded the incident. Many of the player's mobs, which were in a locked Compact...
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    WolfieTheBigPP's mute report

    Muted for explicit username. They may appeal at the Punishment Appeal page once their username is changed.
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    FrozzyPinquin's mute report

    Username: FrozzyPinquin Server: SF4b Reason: Toxicity Length: 2 days Evidence:
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    RawCleavage's mute report

    Muted for explicit username. They may appeal at the Punishment Appeal page once their username is changed.
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    AJ_AngelLife's mute report

    Username: AJ_AngelLife Server: SF4a Reason: Toxicity, Bypassing the filter Length: 5 days Evidence:
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    Approved Lagaholic's Punishment Appeal

    Thank you for appealing, you are now unmuted.
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    Hentagirl's mute report

    Muted for explicit username. They may appeal at the Punishment Appeal page once their username is changed.
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    IDontAgree's mute report

    IGN: IDontAgree Server: SF4p Reason: Swearing, bypassing the filter Length: 1 day Evidence:
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    Mod Tutorial: Thaumcraft 4

    To begin Thaumcraft, craft 2 iron ingots into 18 iron nuggets, then use 10 of those nuggets to craft 2 iron caps, using a helmet shape in the crafting table. Place the caps in opposite corners of the crafting grid, with a stick in the middle. This gives you your first wand, an Iron Capped Wooden...
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    Galacticraft Help in CC

    To make a Tier 2 rocket, you need 10 Tier 2 Heavy-Duty Plates, 4 Rocket Fins, 2 Tier 1 Boosters, a Tier 1 Rocket Engine and a Nose Cone. You make Tier 2 Heavy-Duty plates with a Tier 1 Heavy-Duty Plate and Compressed Meteoric Iron in a Compressor/Electric Compressor.
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    I will sort everything you love. And then I will switch one thing with another.
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    Hello peoples! I'm Voidsniper, although 7/10 times I'm just called Void. And nobody, including KoltonNebula and Dr.Zoidberg, may call me Voidy. That is a no. Anyway, down to the real introduction. My real name is Sage ███████ ███████. I live on a (mostly) sheep farm in ██████ ██████, Ontario...
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    Denied Egassy's Punishment Appeal

    I... Didn't do it again though. As far as I know, that was the sole time it happened. If this happened on Sunday, it may not have been me. When I tried to log in, I got a message saying that I was already on the server, and was kicked so I could log in. Nor have I have heard of or seen...
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    Denied Egassy's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username Voidsniper Ban Reason I was messing with an inactive admin's base by accident. Officially listed as griefing. Who Banned You? marco2912 Did you learn anything from this? Not to mess with unknown players bases, even if there's no claims. What would you do next time...
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    Crashing to desktop.

    Thanks Bounce. Did you find out what the heck's wrong with his base? Looking at other crashes, it's the same issue as 6ssn had on Wednsday, since amr's base is right beside Cactusboss99's. (Well, they're pretty much the same one)
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    Crashing to desktop.

    I'm crashing to desktop whenever I log in. I'm near CactusBoss99's primary claim, and began crashing when I went near his ME system (hoping to borrow his crystal growth accelerators). I managed to back up a little, but I'm still crashing and can't back up anymore. Username is Voidsniper. Game...