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    Denied Weston's Punishment Appeal

    Minecraft Username Blackops362 Ban Reason I was muted not banned (perma-muted) Who Banned You? I don't know who muted me Did you learn anything from this? Maybe I should be more careful about what I say What would you do next time instead? Not tell another player to find another...
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    Chunk Loader

    Instead of having personal chunks, you could have chunk loaders that people could buy for 5 dollars to have 1 chunk loaded 24/7. You could reduce lag by slowing down machines that is not in the chunk that the player is in.
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    Mute Appeal

    I was permamuted on AT. I'm not really sure what I was muted for but it would be great if I could be unmuted or at least you could tell me what I did wrong.
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    Approved Ban Appeal

    Minecraft Username blackops362 Ban Reason I wasn't banned I was perma-muted The reason was that I bypassed the chat filter 1 time Who banned you? phyl-swift Did you learn anything from this? People like to abuse power. What would you do next time instead? Maybe don't bypass the chat...