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    Denied Pycho's Punishment Appeal

    Hello Pycho, Thank you for making an appeal. We have denied your appeal because the behaviour you have been doing is not tolerated on Nytro Networks. Saying "Kys" to another player (or a friend) is prohibited on Nytro. Even though you said they knew it was a joke does not change the fact that...
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    Denied AphWolf's Punishment Appeal

    Thank you for your appeal but sadly I will have to deny it. We can see you have put little to no effort into making this appeal. You have ignored the multiple warnings staff members have given you. You have used language that we do not tolerate on Nytro Networks.
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    rockandrollgamer & McFlurry2_0's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) rockandrollgamer & McFlurry2_0 Server(s) where incidents have occurred Troll Craft Ban Reason Vein mining the end Ban Length 2 Days Evidence . Other Notes
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    Klett Discord Mute

    Discord ID: klett#5577 Reason: Join a VC while screaming the USSR National Anthem Channel: Room 2 Length: 2 Days
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    AphWolf Discord Mute

    Discord: AphWolf#7240 Reason: Sexism/Racism Length: Perm Evidence: This was against Discord Terms of Services. - Contact me on discord for further evidence marco2912#2912
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    AphWolf Perm Mute

    Player: AphWolf Server: DD&SS Reason: Sexism/Racism Length: Perm Evidence: Contact me on discord for the evidence marco2912#2912
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    How to start a skyblock? (Skyfactory 2)

    to leave spawn you can do /is spawn to create your island/ tp to your island.
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    AphWolf Discord Mute

    Name: AphWolf Discord IGN: AphWolf#7240 Length: 5 days Reason: harassing Staff, harassing Players, Lied Multiple occasions, false accused players, manipulate stories for own use, fighting with staff and players. He has been warned multiple times.
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    Hallo There :D

    Hello Cat my name is Marco but i also get called Husky, I have 4 huskies two are 9 years old and the other to are 5 years old. Nice to see you and I might hop on Troll Craft sometime and say hi.
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    _Verschwitzt_ 1h Mute

    Server: Sf4 A Player: _Verschwitzt_ Length: 1 hour Reason: Spamming "g" after they have been warned. Evidence:
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    V8cola's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) V8cola Server(s) where incidents have occurred Augmented Triad Ban Reason Griefing the End Ban Length 7 days Evidence Other Notes
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    captainhoops's mute report

    Reason: Racism, saying a derogatory word Server: Sky Factory 2 Player: captainhoops Length: Permanent Evidence:
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    How to use Chunk Loaders

    What is a Chunk Loader? A Chunk Loader keeps chunks of the world loaded even when a player is far enough away that the chunk should unload. This will allow crops to grow, machines to work, and other things to function (even across dimensions). How can I get Chunk Loaders? -You can vote for...
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    ZUPERNIELZ mute Report

    Reason: Bypassing Chat filter multiple times. Had a warning but decided to carry on. Server Sky Factory 4 Player: ZUPERNIELZ Evidence:
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    Claiming Land/ how to get claim blocks 1.12.2

    What is claiming land? Claiming land is where you use a golden shovel to section off a piece of land on the server to prevent griefing from other players. It will protect all your machines, chest, crops, land, and more. How do I claim land? To claim land you will need a golden shovel. You can...