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I haven't posted one of these before but it was a real nice event to get accepted into the Nytro Staff even if I'm only a Jr. Mod ATM. Hopefully I'll work my way up and be able to help out any of you in need. :D
ive been perm muted on crundee craft and i dont know why and im wonder where i appeal for it
Hi, I just logged on after not playing for a while and I no longer have my Katgod rank. I would like the equivalent or just my money back if that's possible
Unfortunately KKMC is no longer around, Nytro Networks took over the dead server and the playerbase.
So what does that mean for my rank?
Since KKMC does not exist everything that was purchased on the old network does not transfer to this network, all purchases were final. KKMC could no longer support itself financially and was absorbed by Nytro Networks, as such we are not acknowledging any previously purchased ranks as this is a NEW network.
This person very good staff manager. He give free cookie when you apply staff member. Very nice.