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    DRAGONBRO3208 replied to the thread Denied Ban Appeal.
    at least i could admit that and i continued to be respectful istead of saying some dumb shit seya later lobster nigga fuck yall then
  • djdean
    djdean replied to the thread Denied Ban Appeal.
    You literally said you have been banned from other Crundee Servers for duping. We aren't your second chance or your silver medal. I wish...
    • 2019-01-16 08_31_28-Ban Appeal _ Nytro Networks.png
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    Minecraft Username DRAGONBRO3208 Ban Reason Mass duplication Who banned you? Kara_Danvers Did you learn anything from this? Yes...
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    Bounce posted the thread Freudtastic Duping in Ban reports.
    Name of Offender: FreudTastic Server: Crundeecraft Ban Reason: Duping Ban Length: Perm Evidence: Other: Screenshots of Dupe...
  • NarwahlsRock
    Name of Offender(s) DRAGONBRO3208 Server(s) where incidents occurred Crundee Craft Ban Reason Duping/Associated with players banned...
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