To Java


Oct 14, 2016
Greenwood, IN USA
Dear Princess Java,
First off, I would like to say sorry about the inconvenience I have been making. I don't want/mean to break the rules.
Second, I've always wanted to get along with all staff, but I've never been. I like Nytro, I could almost call it home. If I left I wouldn't know where to go. I've already left KookyKraft a time ago because I wanted staff to get a break from me, and time for me to mature so I could come back and be better off. Java, you've been one of the best staff member I've ever known, and thank you for being there (It means a lot to me). I've been stupid, immature, lacked respect of other people and/or staff members, but I try not to. I'm not asking for chances, I would like you to stop hating me so much. I extremely dislike it when people do. So stop hating and spread the love.
Third, I've been on the forums in the ban appeals section, so I can see what makes staff upset, and what doesn't. I reply to them, to make them feel better (not in such a panic about being banned forever). Knowing what that feels like sucks, been through it, hasn't always been 100% of my fault but of course much of it. And that's all I've been trying to do.
Next, a piece of my life: I'm an 8th/freshman student with A/B honor roll constantly. I get bullied and picked on almost daily, a few of my friends can't figure out why people dislike me so much (You more than likely know why). I sort of do. Anyways, at home usually I have the"harder" parents type. I clean: the kitchen (includes dishes), 2 litter boxes, 2 bathrooms, vacuuming, and taking care of a 6 year old brother
daily. And I don't get an allowance for it. So the only money I get is from holidays, which isn't much (At max $20). So really, if you thought I was some dumb and spoiled kid, I'm not.
Lastly, I wrote this letter to make you see another view from me that you don't see. I also wrote it because there are some other people
out there that may or may not have been banned that are like me, that just need to be seen in a different point of view.

Best regards,

P.S. People aren't always as they seem.
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