Still looking for help on this problem


Jan 25, 2019
So I tried to ask for help but all I got was 1 response and got ghosted, so I'm trying to look for help again in case anyone knows the solution.
So I decided to play some gmod again today after playing the night before, and when i tried to join a DarkRP server, it would just be stuck on the same thing: it just stuck on the same bar of sending client info. I'vs tried the following:
  • I tried changing my mat_dxlevel 95 to 81
  • I unsubscribed from all 800 of my addons
  • Tried changing the workshop values in my lua folder to 0
  • tried using the dev beta (it fixed one server but was stuck on every other server again)
  • Tried setting my custom downloads setting in other to "do not download any custom addons"
  • Tried restarting my computer