Release The Squidman Once More


Oct 17, 2016
Hey everyone, some of you may remember from revolution 1/2 and modsauce 2.

For all those who don't, yo!

I'm The Squidman, or Squiddy, or Squidman Malachar.

My favorite aspects of minecraft mods are the truly impressive magical mods available. Thaumcraft and its addons, [especially horizons and automagy], blood magic, botania, chromaticraft, and many other new ones as I find them.

Industrial mods aren't my forte, back in my days before magic mods really came out all we had was Indutricalcraft 2 [and we liked it dagnabbit!]

I can provide quite a bit of general knowledge help, and some deeper help with the 'core trio' of magic mods [TC,BM.Bot]
But there are always new addons coming out, and that keeps the minecraft itch coming back.

See some of you on unabridged.