"New" Player!


Jun 1, 2018
Hey guys.
I was a player almost a year ago on this server, I used to play FTB Beyond, but I guess the server is having a fresh start, I should, too!

My name is Alex, I'm British and I currently live in Lebanon (Middle East). I unironically meme playing Minecraft, but I play it anyway with friends. I'll most likely be playing All The Mods 3 modpack, but I'm in for anything. If you want to team up or something, just send me a PM and I surely will.

If there's a permanent, cheap donator rank, then I'm in, I would subscribe. I was a Kat rank but I don't know if they return those.. I don't have proof that I had it anyway so most likely not.

Thanks for reading this, and I'm sure you'll run into me, especially that I have 2 more days of exams, I'll be spending my entire time either playing those or something else.