My first start for Sky factory 2.4

Nature Gecko

Oct 23, 2016
Watch the picture of our activities here \/

I'm Thanaphat Dararat Pangpond --Name in the game--> Raiaan
I'm playing sky factory 2.4 on this server and invited my friends from MAUT to join together. We're the peoples from Thailand.

Record from 23/10/2016
I was played in this server for the first time after bought Premium account from Mojang , looking for the system [veinminer]then invited my friends to join tomorrow.

Record from 24/10/2016
We played this server for the second time [first time at 23/10/2016] we did quick start by using stone generator , find an ore , one or the Fan player bring me to the Spirit world ant gain some food , they also visited my base and gave me an information for playing. Players in this server are so friendly and kind.

I just invented the escalator on my base , planing to build some factory under a tree farm...... /\

poster at 22.10 Thai time.