Lets liven things up a bit


Jr. Mod
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Jr. Mod
Nov 16, 2016
So, I was looking around the forums for a bit and I noticed a bit of a trend. Most of the posts made in this community are people asking for help, or people asking for help, and I wanna change that up!

Most of us here are on the Discord and know each other fairly well, some of us have never met, I'd like to take a moment to say hi to everyone! I'd also like to take this moment to try and bring some happiness into this forum.

I wanna go ahead and use this thread as a social experiment of sorts, down below I want everyone to post what it is that makes them happy, what is the one thing that no matter what will brighten your day? I don't want to hear anyone say they don't have that, we all have it, just take a moment to think about it, and when you realize that you've been thinking about different versions of the same thing then you'll know.

I'll start.

My grandma. My grandma is the one thing/person in this world that no matter what will liven up my day. She's a pain in my neck sometimes, but no matter what I can always expect her to be there, smiling, dancing, making weird noises, and just being overall amazing.


Jan 20, 2019
Reading, I love getting sucked into the world of the story and forgetting all about the frustrations of the day; I read fantasy and science fiction.