KookyKraftMC Voting System

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Aug 14, 2016
This thread will explain everything you get or can get by voting.
1. Votes
To see all the links you can vote at in-game do the /vote command.
/vote will look something like this:

and it will have either 3 or 4 voting links which you get $250 in-game money(to use in /market or something else) for every one you vote at.
You can vote on each site once every 24 hours.

2. Lucky Votes
A lucky vote is a random chance to get a special item.
Those special items include(where applicable):
- Mekanism Digital Miner
- BuildCraft Quarry
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- A ChunkLoader

All have a random chance of being dropped every time you vote.

3. Vote Parties
Vote parties occur every 50 votes and reward everyone on the server!
Vote Party Rewards include:
- An amount of in-game money between $200 and $20000
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- Mekanism Digital Miner

4. Top Voters of the Month
At the end of every month, the top 3 votes will receive a prize.
First place, UltimateKat.
Second place, 80000 claim blocks.
Third place, $5 million in-game.
These prizes apply to all servers where they are applicable.
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