Approved James_Firefox's Punishment Appeal


Jul 10, 2019
Minecraft Username

Ban Reason
Crash Server

Who Banned You?

Did you learn anything from this?
Yes, I learned that automating some stuff can crash things. I learned that I should not attempt to autocraft some things twice. Especially when it comes to Pam's harvest craft food. I learned that my actions not only reflect upon myself but also to others. Therefore, I should think before I do something and take a step back and report what need s to be reported.

What would you do next time instead?
Next time if I do find something that could harm the server or the player's experience I should report it and not freak out. I should NOT try to autocraft everything and make my life easier.

Is there anything you would like to add or tell us?
I am sorry for not listening. I am sorry for my actions. I see now that my actions can have awful consequences and I realize that once I do something, I cannot go back and fix it, I must continue on with what I did and try to make amends. Start trying to look at things in multiple perspectives and not pretend that I am this "special" player who is better than everyone else because they been playing more than others. I know that I cannot undo the harm that I did. I only ask for some forgiveness and the opportunity to amend what I did. Thank you for considering my appeal. I appreciate the time that you spend reading it. -James


Staff member
Sep 17, 2016
I’m willing to accept your appeal since a lot of time has passed. I will keep a close eye on you for the next couple weeks. I hope to see a positive response to your rejoining on the server.