Nature Gecko

Oct 23, 2016
Hello everyone~ My name is Pandpond, or Raiaan [In-game name] I'm playing this server from Thailand, with some of my friends who may join with me in soon. I do the animation and story in my own and with my partner. I like to build something big, gigantic, and look very futuristic. My game play is not follow the main structure of the game SKYFACTORY 2.5 but indie~ I build a small machines for generating the foundation materials for building the factory in the shopping mall style. Once the main area is finished, I will continue to build some more complex systems.

I'm welcome you to have a look at my station in SKYFACTORY 2.5 by typing /is home Raiaan wait for 5 seconds and have fun. :) [ Building is on progress ]

I've been in the server for about 2 months and disappeared from the server for a long time. [ Because I had a lot of things to do ] I come back with the huge ideas to improve my factory in SKY FACTORY 2.5 [ And my factory is still there, I was so happy! Build for more~ :D ] After finishing a ton of school works and going for the university, I could spend a lot of time for playing and explore to the other servers in KooKyKraft. [ May be ]

But finish this mall first. :p

\/ My material generators, that is the main heart of my station. It produces a lot of stone, small energy, and ores.

\/ 8 months ago, I built this main structure and some factory,storage that similar to the mini boots.

\/ One of 4 halls in the mall. The first floor, you can see something look like a shop. That is the head store and dirt generator, also the sludge boiler machine deeply inside.

Those are not yet all about this large building. [ It is gonna be massive sometime. :x ] You can visit my station anytime, but please don't touch any machine especially ME system because it may explode. [ ? ] And don't play too much with the escalators because it could suck your feet. [ O_O ] Stay away from the generator section at night because there will be a ton of monsters waiting to have you as their dinner. [ x.x ] You may use my portal on the second floor to go to the Deep Dark or Nether but be sure that you will comeback.

[ Fun fact about how I'm playing Minecraft ]
1. ] Once I expected to build a small natural village, it became the unnatural massive mega tower instead.
2. ] I build the escalator almost in every server because I just like to. [ No red stone, but just the model ] I remember the time that my group joined some server in Thailand and build the building. Once me and my friends realized that the cost of building the escalators is much more expensive than building 20-floors building. [ 25000$ for only 1 escalator and 1000$ to complete 20 floors tower ] They held the sword and kicked me around the building, and didn't even touch that escalator because it is expensive. :p [ It is just for their fun, not serious ]
3. ] Build only, no fighting, I'm a peaceful person, but also love to make a huge destruction ;) [ Always try with my copied file in the single player mode to see how villagers would be survived from the flaming building , never nuke everyone in the server if there is not especially for. ]

>> See you somewhere in the server << :D


Jan 27, 2018
wow.... that looks amazing. Also adding those conveyor belts as the escalators was just...... brilliant. And the whole structure itself is just amazing.
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