Everything you need to know about KKMC Donations

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Aug 14, 2016
We have several donation items/ranks on our servers, this is a thread to explain them all. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

1. Ranks
For starters we have the 1.7.10 ranks, VIP, VIP+, KoolKat, KatGod, and UltimateKat.
VIP Includes:
- /book - Allows you to edit written books.
- /enchant - Allows you to enchant items with enchant names or ids. A list of ids for most of the modpacks we run can be found here: https://github.com/KookykraftMC/Enchant-ids
- /feed - Restores hunger.
- /firework - Allows you to edit fireworks.
- /hat - Put a block on your head :D.
- /heal - Heal your health and hunger. Also removes potion effects.
- Can join the server even if it's full.
- /me - Perform an action. (i.e. /me meows = * TimeTheCat meows )
- /repair - Can repair tools. (Some tools do not work with this.)

- /warp vip - A room full of machines that you can use as long as you do not steal from it. If you do steal from it, your permissions for it will be revoked.
- [VIP] prefix.

VIP+ Includes:
- Everything from VIP.
- Access to make and use Digital Miners(Mekanism) and Laser driils(MFR). (Where Applicable).
- /fly - Toggle flight.
- /god - Toggle godmode.
- /nick - Give yourself a nickname.
- Bypass teleport cooldown.
- [VIP+] prefix.

KoolKat Includes:
- Everything from VIP and VIP+.
- Access to make and use Ender Thermic Pump(Extra Utils).
- /ext - Extinguish yourself if you are on fire.
- /ptime - Set your personal time.
- /pweather - Set your personal weather.
- Color your /nick name.
- [KoolKat] prefix.

KatGod Includes:
- Everything from VIP, VIP+, and KoolKat.
- Access to make and use Ender Quarries(Extra Utils).
- Unlimited homes.
- /skull - Give yourself a player head. (Skin may not show, depends on the modpack).
- /speed - Set your walking or flying speed.
- /wb - Open a crafting table.
- [KatGod] Prefix, can be changed to different colors using the /prefix command.
- /nv - Night Vision.

UltimateKat Includes:
- Everything from VIP, VIP+, KoolKat, and KatGod.
- $5000000 in-game dollars.
- 80000 claim blocks.
- [UltimateKat] Rainbow colored. Can be changed to a customtag, just ask an admin.
- NOTE: This rank is expensive because it's for the people who love KKMC and want to support it.

1.8 and above ranks, Kat, MasterKat, SuperKat, and MegaKat. (Currently no UltimateKat equivalent rank exists, make a donation support ticket to get the megakat rank if you are a UKat).

Kat Includes:
- /feed - Restores hunger.
- /heal - Restores health and removes potion effects.
- /hat - Put a block on your head.
- /repair - Repair tools and other items.
- /enchant - Enchant items with specific enchants.
- [Kat] Prefix.

MasterKat/KatMaster Includes:
- Everything from Kat.
- /fly - Toggle flight.
- /god - Toggle god mode.
- /nick - Give yourself a nickname.
- [KatMaster] Prefix.

SuperKat Includes:
- Everything from MasterKat, and Kat.
- Can color /nick.
- [SuperKat] prefix.

MegaKat Includes:
- Everything from SuperKat, MasterKat, and Kat.
- Unlimited set homes.
- /speed - Set your walking and flying speed.
- [MegaKat] rank.

(We know the these ranks are a bit underwhelming at the moment, and they will be expanded upon in the future.)

2. Items/Blocks
We restrict a few items to help prevent server lag.
These include but are not limited to:
- Automatic Miners/Quarries
- Chunkloaders

Most of our servers now use a different kind of chunkloader, to use this chunkloader(once you have bought it from the shop), place down an iron block and right click it with a blaze rod. This will open a menu where you can select the size you want to load. To get more available chunks to load, there is usually an item in the shop called "More Chunks", which will give you 27 more chunks to use in chunkloaders.
Some of our older servers still use ChickenChunks, or another modded chunk loader. These are very self explanatory and I will not be going over how to use

Please use them in the deep dark or another mining world in the modpack you are playing. Do not use them to grief, or you will be banned and will not be refunded.

Super Builder's Wand:
Get a super builder's wand on all servers with Extra Utilities, pretty simple.

3. Perks
Unlimited homes:
Set an unlimited amount of homes.

Claim Blocks:
Get additional claim blocks to claim lots of land.

Super Builder's Wand:
See Items section.

4. Prefixes
If you buy a prefix it will be available in the /prefix menu under "Extra Prefixes". Prefixes are purely ascetic and do not change the game. To preview a prefix, simply click on it in the shop.
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