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Birthday Sale and a few changes

Discussion in 'News / Updates' started by Phyl_Swyft, Feb 15, 2018.

By Phyl_Swyft on Feb 15, 2018 at 12:17 AM
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    In less than two weeks KookyKraftMC will be 3 years old. From a little server running ByteSize to the large network of servers we are today. We would like to thank each of you who have played on our servers and supported us all these years. To celebrate we're of course having a sale(60% off everything) to help us keep the servers going for as long as we can(the sale will end on March 5th). Besides having a sale, we're making a few changes to our systems.

    - The top voter will now receive the UKat rank for 30 days, and 3 permanent chunk loaders.
    - The second place top voter will receive 80000 claim blocks, and 2 permanent chunk loaders.
    - The third place top voter will receive $5 million in game cash, and 1 permanent chunk loader.
    - 3 of the 4-20th top voters will be put into a drawing for 2 permanent chunk loaders.

    Paid Ranks:
    - UKat ranks have been lowered from $150 to $50.
    - VIP+/MasterKat and up will have first access to new servers for a limited time

    New Modpacks:
    - We have a new server that will be launching any day now and will be announced on discord for how donors will get early access.

    Thank you again for supporting us and keeping us going for 3 years now.


Discussion in 'News / Updates' started by Phyl_Swyft, Feb 15, 2018.