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  1. DeathCrystal

    Denied spoolean's Punishment Appeal (Not A Appeal)

    You have not been banned, This is an issue for #Support in The Discord Server
  2. DeathCrystal

    Aiden_Fb's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Aiden_Fb Server(s) where incidents have occurred TC Ban Reason Griefing Ban Length 5d Evidence Other Notes
  3. DeathCrystal

    Approved Uncookedcat's Punishment Appeal

    Your Appeal has been accepted. Please take this second chance carefully and use it wisely.
  4. DeathCrystal

    World download

    We Don't Host Project Ozone 3, and if its a single player world go into your saves folder.
  5. DeathCrystal

    Danny1412's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Danny1412 Server(s) where incidents have occurred CC Ban Reason Mass Griefing Spawn Ban Length Perm IP ban Evidence Other Notes They mass griefed the CC spawn with a chaos dragon and also used and alt which caused them to be ip banned
  6. DeathCrystal

    Project E in SF4

    We do not run prestige, so it is not available.
  7. DeathCrystal

    Approved Aman10101's Punishment Appeal

    Your Appeal is being reviewed.
  8. DeathCrystal

    Danger_29's Mute

    Muted for Being Racist And Toxic And Spamming Muted By Me and Nytro_Networks Evidence
  9. DeathCrystal

    Approved mic99x's Punishment Appeal

    Your Appeal is being reviewed we will get back to you shortly.
  10. DeathCrystal

    server offline ?

    Its up
  11. DeathCrystal

    Filing Cabinets (SF4)

    Both Bonsai pots as in Bonsai pots and hopping
  12. DeathCrystal

    Unable to log in

    Reload your mc
  13. DeathCrystal

    Chad_Bots Mute

    Reason: They were muted for being Toxic and Racist in chat Evidence:
  14. DeathCrystal

    ATM3R problems

    We are aware of these issues and are trying our best to resolve them as to the 5 pages you have lost that is because some mods are removed from the server mods folder, these mods which are removed are client-side, not server-side mods.
  15. DeathCrystal

    IGN: OGMonsoon needs to be banned

    This has been resolved.
  16. DeathCrystal

    OGMonsoon's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) OGMonsoon Server(s) where incidents have occurred SF4 Ban Reason Racism, Bypassing Chat Ban Length Permanent Evidence Other Notes
  17. DeathCrystal

    Denied BunnyBro72's Punishment Appeal

    Hello Bunny I am sorry to hear about your experience looking through the logs it look as if the only time you have been punished was a warn by myself informing you to not make any anti-AFK machines as they are not allowed so I will try and get this looked at thank you for your patience.
  18. DeathCrystal

    Approved Rixuous's Punishment Appeal

    Your appeal is being reviewed in the meantime thank you for your patience we will get back to you as quick as we can.
  19. DeathCrystal

    Approved GoodAtHCF's Punishment Appeal

    Someone has and your appeal is being reviewed so I'm the meantime you should reflect on what you have done so if your appeal is accepted then you won't get muted again.
  20. DeathCrystal

    Approved cooi8492's Punishment Appeal

    Your punishment appeal is being revealed in the meantime reflect on what you have done wrong so if this appeal is accepted it will not happen again.