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  1. DrZoidberg

    KoobioV2 Mute Report

    Screenshot speaks for itself
  2. DrZoidberg

    Approved Nova_TK's Punishment Appeal

    Well since there are no logs going back that far I'll unban you for now. Im going to assume in the 3 years since you were banned you matured a little and it wont happen again. Welcome back
  3. DrZoidberg

    Server Information Request

    What do you need from the Owner, please dm me
  4. DrZoidberg

    62 is old. You old.

    62 is old. You old.
  5. DrZoidberg

    Denied TheTrueLM's Punishment Appeal

    For context and whomever needs to know, here is example (since no report was posted) There was a bunch of those, then multiple catbot bypasses with spacing out the spellings on a few fun swears.
  6. DrZoidberg

    Denied TheTrueLM's Punishment Appeal

    So I was going to unmute you until I looked up what you were saying. There is getting slightly frustrated and throwing out a swear or two and then there is what you typed. That was pretty you arent getting unmuted. Anyone who instantly goes where you went with that...isnt going...
  7. DrZoidberg

    I feel like you say that without knowing what it means my child.

    I feel like you say that without knowing what it means my child.
  8. DrZoidberg

    Cant play on Sky Factory 4

    Join our discord and make sure you install the correct version of Sky Factory 4. You should not be custom editing the Forge installation. As of the time of this post, we are running 4.0.8 of Skyfactory 4
  9. DrZoidberg

    Crundee Craft Server

    Have a friend stand next to it. There isnt really a better option sadly
  10. DrZoidberg


    Join our discord, its where the party's at
  11. DrZoidberg

    Remakinq's Ban Report

    User was additionally banned from Discord for being toxic, and inflammatory. After being told many times we dont sell unbans. Additionally it was explained to user that they were banned not because someone else came back adn said that the base was theirs, but because they claimed over and...
  12. DrZoidberg

    Web map browser?

    So those are awesome, but they are very taxing on the server hardware as it must render a website in real time with tiny little images split over a grid. If we were just hosting a single pack, that might be an option, but I dont think we are likely to set that up. Great idea however!
  13. DrZoidberg

    Tastiest cookies on the server right here

    Tastiest cookies on the server right here
  14. DrZoidberg

    Denied Eton_M's Punishment Appeal

    "I learned that i shouldn't use the "n-word" any form " --- You been living under a rock for the past 100-150 years? Zoidberg is a giant space lobster from the planet Decapod 10 and even he knows not to use such words.
  15. DrZoidberg

    Denied Zequends's Punishment Appeal

    You were last seen on the server 23 days ago, so thats much closer than 2 months. As in not even a month.
  16. DrZoidberg

    Hello, I'm GarrettRAF

    @GarrettRAF tell ussss
  17. DrZoidberg

    Hello, I'm GarrettRAF

    Wooo!! Check out Garrett's builds, they are super cool!
  18. DrZoidberg

    facemonster11's Punishment Appeal

    been addressed in a 2nd appeal. Closing this
  19. DrZoidberg

    metalim's Punishment Appeal

    Approved for unmute
  20. DrZoidberg

    Lazy_Lapis's Punishment Appeal

    Mute has been lifted by Narwahls, closing thread.