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    Benny148's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Benny148 Server(s) where incidents have occurred SkyFactory4 Ban Reason Continuing to bypass AFK kick Ban Length 1 day Evidence Player created a clear glass box with a door and placed himself inside. His character was looking straight up into the clouds. Every...
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    2012_11_25 Mute Report

    Player was perm muted for use of racial slurs. 2/8/20 11:19 PM EST
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    BMASON69 Mute Report

    Player was perm muted for use of racial slurs. 2/8/20 11:19 PM EST
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    StazisLegend420 Mute Report

    Mod joined the Modpack to tackle a support issue for another player. During this support, StazisLegend420 decided to chime in on directions and continuously call out how the Mod was incorrect in giving commands to use /trust. StazisLegend420 did not understand that we were resolving an issue...
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    ChoppaStikk Mute Report

    Player was originally temp muted for 10 minutes for racial slurs and toxic chat. Player continued to bypass chat filter with toxic chat including sexual slurs and racist slurs.
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    my_name_Justin Mute Report

    Used racial slur in chat (1/27/20 8:16 AM EST)
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    PowderNW Mute Report

    Player used a racial slur (1/26/20 11:21 PM EST).
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    Robbie_Rage Mute Report

    Player used a racial slur (1/26/20 10:57 PM EST) as well as multiple instances of foul language.
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    MucinexDm & hell6ound Mute Report

    Both players engaged in chat activity on Sky Factory 2.5 that included discriminatory statements. (1/26/20 3:44 PM EST)
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    合我们谈论什么hood做钻永血真正的屁股's Discord Mute

    Spamming @everyone and foul language
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    Hello Everyone! Glac here hailing from the great state of Texas! I've been playing Minecraft for a while and began playing modded with Skyfactory 3. I work full-time and am married with two children that keep me busy. I work from home for a large company so I am almost always dually logged...