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  1. CptMemu

    Libtard_Slayer69's Ban

    Player: Libtard_Slayer69 Reason: Griefing Length: 3d (Mr Libtard_Slayer69 if you message CptMemu on discord and agree to replace the items stolen then I might think about unbanning <3)
  2. CptMemu

    HartGefickt Ban

    Player: HartGefickt Reason: Spamming me when I'm trying to help another player Ban Lenght: 1d Server: CC He first started to spam /tpa to me, I asked him to stop but he didn't and continued to call me a "Bad mod" as I didn't allow him to base with me.
  3. CptMemu

    Sxlic Ban

    Player: Sxlic Reason: Griefing Ban Length: 3d What happened: He stole Dupercanes Big reactor and ME System and ran, Dupercane asked him why and he left straight away and didn't join back
  4. CptMemu

    Frostad Mute

    Name: Frostad Server: SkyFactory 2.5 Reason: Spamming Length: 1 Day
  5. CptMemu

    WindHund04's mute

    Name Of Offender: WindHund04 Server: CC Length: 1 Day Reason: Swearing and Bypassing CatBot (Thanks to powercas_gamer for image)
  6. CptMemu

    I got muted on discord bigboy;) is my name

    It wasn't only for you pinging the admins but you kept bothering Trizmo saying you knew how to fix an issue possibly, and we appreciate that but Trizmo knew what he was doing then after you asked "Hows" "the server" "was there a new update" So the reason you were muted was for yes, pinging...
  7. CptMemu

    Ninjablader101's chat mute on DISCORD

    It's not that we don't like you responding to others it's just when Phyl was trying to deal with a player you were constantly replying and messaging in the #help chat when it was not needed. So I would just say next time try not to message in #chat if it's not helpful as it may lead to...
  8. CptMemu

    Describe the member above you in one word

    Supreme ruler
  9. CptMemu

    Denied Daimond unmute appeal

    I'm sorry but I've spoken to Phyl Swyft about the whole mute and the reason but it going to have to be a denied, come back again soon and re-appeal!
  10. CptMemu

    Describe the member above you in one word

    NuclearFission - Cheated the system, two words combined
  11. CptMemu

    Describe the member above you in one word

    Again, not shiba
  12. CptMemu

    Approved Ban Appeal

    When thinking about this, it may have seemed to you like a player may have not placed the portal and as it wasn't claimed you could have it but next time try not to take things that you may come across in the wild as it still is a players property. I feel you are honestly apologising for your...
  13. CptMemu

    Axoriental ban

    Name of Offender(s) Axoriental Server(s) where incidents occured Unabridged Ban Reason Griefing Ban Length 3 days Evidence Attached - Broke a players teleporter in the end and left * Broke 9 mekanism blocks + machine block
  14. CptMemu

    Denied Why i dont think i should have been banned

    Mr Daniel, I see what you're saying and I also see you might have not known that killing his owl would kill him and your friend might have been ok with the whole situation but you still had taglocks and their main use is to bind puppets to the player and on most occasions hurt the tag locked...
  15. CptMemu

    Describe the member above you in one word

    identity crisis
  16. CptMemu

    Our Lord

    Dr Zoidberg is hungry and requires a sacrifice, please step up
  17. CptMemu

    What's up

    Hello there, I think of myself as the new mod but I've been here for a while. I am writings this to say hello as none of you have seen me before and announce my presence as part of the staff team. Nice to see you all here ~Cpt