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  1. EliteFuZioNHD

    Chunk Loader

    The chunk loaders that are for sale only work while said player is online. So your suggesting that it be always active while the server is up?
  2. EliteFuZioNHD

    Rank problem

    The old rank system was done away with when the network switched to Nytro. The new ranks are subscription based, not a 1 time purchase.
  3. EliteFuZioNHD


    Pretty corny joke there.
  4. EliteFuZioNHD

    Describe the member above you in one word

    Captain BTW the game is 1 word, not 3...
  5. EliteFuZioNHD

    Crundee Craft people only

  6. EliteFuZioNHD

    Hello, Again...

    Heyyo people, Some of you may remember me(or not at all). I played a lot during the spring and summer but had to stop due to schoolwork. I feel that I have a good grasp on said work to allow myself to rejoin and play some more Nytro. Keep on Crafting, Elite_FuZioN_HD
  7. EliteFuZioNHD

    Power of base claims?

    I had a question on how powerful the base claims on the CrundeeCraft server are. I understand players cannot break but can mobs still break blocks or is it not possible for them?
  8. EliteFuZioNHD

    End Portal Missing Frame

    The end portal at -254, 33, -640 is missing a frame and I dont know how. Is there anything that can be done?