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  1. NarwahlsRock

    DRAGONBRO3208 Ban

    Name of Offender(s) DRAGONBRO3208 Server(s) where incidents occurred Crundee Craft Ban Reason Duping/Associated with players banned for duping (see rapguy101) Ban Length Permanent Evidence Dragon is shown taking items from rapguy's base Player also has very expensive items in ME system...
  2. NarwahlsRock

    fegfeg12 Ban

    Name of Offender(s) fegfeg12 Server(s) where incidents occured Hub Ban Reason Racism Ban Length Permanent Evidence Anonymous player reported incident.
  3. NarwahlsRock

    fegfeg12 Mute

    Perm mute for spamming n-word in hub.
  4. NarwahlsRock

    character inventory problem

    Hey! Here's our discord or you can /sync in game. What server is this on and what's your IGN?
  5. NarwahlsRock

    Thiccasaurus Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) Thiccasaurus Server(s) where incidents occurred CC, TC Ban Reason Racism Ban Length Permanent Evidence Screenshot submitted by another player Other Notes Player was also bypassing filter and general swearing.
  6. NarwahlsRock

    ashleytaylor003 Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) ashleytaylor003 Server(s) where incidents occurred CC Ban Reason Griefing/theft Ban Length 3 days Evidence Exotic_Applez placed quantum rings, cables, and a tesseract. A couple days later ashley is shown in prism breaking these items. Player has not logged on since.
  7. NarwahlsRock

    Is there a reason why I cant use the crundeecraft market?

    What goes wrong when you try to add a listing? Are you not able to put it in your stock, finish the listing off maybe?
  8. NarwahlsRock

    CrundeeCraft Mobs

    Hello, the CrundeeCraft server hasn't been spawning mobs right the past few days (powered spawners not spawning, etc.) I'm not sure if it's known issue or not but just wanted to put it out there :P