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  1. TromboneAMB


    Hello. Your ban is from quite long ago, when you were playing under a different IGN. I’ll need to ask you to resubmit your appeal with this link to the ban report, as well as filling in the info below. You can copy them and paste your information in...
  2. TromboneAMB

    SpookyWeeb Mute

    There is no need to ask this. Do you expect him to sift through client logs for evidence of the warnings? What’s done is done. You are not currently muted. This is the end of discussion here.
  3. TromboneAMB

    jere_pvpgamer, harkinIan95, kingtroythefirst, GigBee28, spidermanscraft, Hannabbi, bubbafun Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) jere_pvpgamer, harkinIan95, kingtroythefirst, GigBee28, spidermanscraft, Hannabbi, bubbafun Server(s) where incidents occured CC Ban Reason Duping and/or Ban Evasion (spidermanscraft) Ban Length Permanent Evidence Group had only been on our networks for 1-2 days at most...
  4. TromboneAMB

    SpookyWeeb Mute

    I see no need for you to ask this question. If someone has a minor catbot bypass like typing "lagg" repeatedly I often give them a verbal warning, but in my opinion a short mute is your true "warning" within our system. The normal progression I use with my own mutes is often: 1 - mute for an...
  5. TromboneAMB

    TTazzaTT Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) TTazzaTT Server(s) where incidents occured TC Ban Reason Extensive Griefing of Multiple Bases Ban Length Permanent Evidence Base No. 1 Base No. 2 Other Notes I chose to escalate this to a permanent ban, due the player significantly griefing two players who had...
  6. TromboneAMB

    Denied Why i dont think i should have been banned

    CptMemu is correct. I would add that when I investigated this, I just knew that you had likely killed someone with witchery, as the log simply says "X was killed with magic". When I searched your base, I found two taglocks for the player, which I had been told can be used to bypass pvp...
  7. TromboneAMB

    SpookyWeeb Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) SpookyWeeb Server(s) where incidents occured CC Ban Reason Bypassing PvP Protection Ban Length 3d Evidence Other Notes Banned player did not have permission to take these taglocks, and did not comply with the killed player when asked to get rid of them. *The...
  8. TromboneAMB

    GoFlyAway ban report

    Name of Offender(s) GoFlyAway Server(s) where incidents occured SB Ban Reason Stealing Ban Length 3d Evidence As can be seen below, the victim knew what would be inside this block (10 looting upgrades). Other notes
  9. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    In other words, I found I had to be incredibly meticulous to even match the charge on some of my blocks. As draconium blocks’ charge has no impact on what they can do until they max out, I see no reason to have all of one’s draconium blocks be charged partially to the same level.
  10. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    There was much more evidence than the draconium blocks that indicated mass duping on an island you had been trusted on. I did some testing of my own with draconium blocks, and found it very challenging to charge each block to the same charge value, as stacks of draconium blocks in different...
  11. TromboneAMB

    Approved Ban Appeal

    It’s been 1 1/2 years, and upon talking with some of the other staff, we have decided to give you a chance. I will caution you that since you’ll have gone through this appeal process, any advertising of other servers/networks will be met with a zero-tolerance policy. If you make a private...
  12. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    I’ll add a couple questions regarding the additional info provided in the last part of your appeal, as other staff may wonder the same when reading. Can you explain how the charging in your inventory would allow more than a stack of the blocks to share the same charge value? Was your setup...
  13. TromboneAMB

    Bobblehill ban report

    Name of Offender(s) Bobblehill Server(s) where incidents occured Sevtech Ban Reason Griefing (Stealing, Killing Animals) Ban Length 5 days Evidence Bobblehill is not trusted in this claim, but can be seen to have broken some blocks and stolen from it. Additionally, the...
  14. TromboneAMB

    A new Thread?

    I think I’ll make an introductory post here, as if this thread takes off it could be good for the community. I’m TromboneAMB (also known as Doctor Planky), currently a Moderator for Nytro. I first played in this community a year or so ago, but became a regular around the time we rebranded from...
  15. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Upon discussing this with staff, we have chosen to deny this appeal. There were over 200 pages of logs in the Prism database, which means that even more was stolen than we could see there. Having been banned for stealing once before, you should have chosen to err on the side of caution rather...
  16. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    MiniMax was not the only player you had raided recently, as the ban report I posted was from a different player's base who had also reported being heavily raided. Who told you that raiding unclaimed bases was not against the rules?
  17. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    After discussing this case at length with the other members of staff, the decision has been made to not approve this appeal. As Wubsy has said, you are the one ultimately responsible for anything done with your account. Otherwise, everyone who has ever been banned would use the same defense...
  18. TromboneAMB

    ALLSTAR1JAC2899 ban report

    Name of Offender(s) ALLSTAR1JAC2899 Server(s) where incidents occured CrundeeCraft Ban Reason Extensive Raiding Ban Length Perm Evidence Other notes Second time offense, had been banned 1 1/2 months ago for stealing as well.
  19. TromboneAMB

    sailo74, SailoMaster ban report

    Name of Offender(s) sailo74 Server(s) where incidents occured SkyFactory 2.5 Ban Reason Griefing with Thaumcraft Wand Focus - Warding Ban Length 3d Evidence Other notes Not the typical "grief" in which items are noticeably stolen or blocks are destroyed. Wand of...
  20. TromboneAMB

    Denied Ban Appeal

    I'll clarify for any other staff who check this - this is an appeal for a mute on the Discord server, not a mute or ban on the Minecraft servers themselves. As for the claim of "owner abuse", the rules of the Discord server are clearly stated in the "Rules-and-Info" channel, including "Do not...